Besides, we at AGA Exports, have our own exclusive quarrying for allied Granites. We are empowered with quarrying to give the best services to our diverse base of clients. We are pleased to show you our vast selection of astonishing product lines available in the industry.

The quality of our products is chiseled to excel the epitome of perfection. Our stones are marveled in excellence. Our products are excellent in its texture and composition. Each stone we manufacture undergoes through various quality testing procedures to ensure they represent the model of flawless art.
  • We export rough granite blocks
  • We have our own granite quarries
  • We have captive and associate quarries in granite and marble
  • We regularly supply to granite factories across the world to making Granite Slabs, Tiles, Kitchen Tops, Sinks and Moments
  • Satisfied clients across the world.

We can source granite blocks from our own captive and associate quarries. These quarries have been chosen after careful consideration, studying their material consistency, supply capacity and integrity.

Today our granite products have remained a symbol of quality & beauty for architects and builders. We offer a range of sizes, including large-sized blocks suitable for all gang saw and block cutter machines. We regularly export rough blocks to leading granite processors and traders in USA, UK, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Australia, European countries, Middle East, East Asia, etc.

Our Products
We export a variety of Rough Granite Blocks at competitive prices, ensuring excellent service. India is recognized as one of the largest producers and exporters of granite blocks in the world market. Our granite blocks adhere to the highest international standards and provide excellent uniformity and consistency. We export granite blocks that are produced in a very wide range of colors and textures. Our Product Range includes,
  • Paradiso Classic Granite Blocks
  • Rough Granite Blocks
  • Paradiso Granite Blocks.
  • Granite Building Blocks

Our Quality

The surest guarantee of customer satisfaction results from developing a product integrity, of which the seller can be proud and the buyer confident. Our efficient machines, coupled with our skilled workforce, enable us to deliver the granite blocks on time and facilitate production at lower costs.

Our Infrastructure
To match the high standard of quality and service of our valued clients, we have a highly skilled team of workers. Our production facilities are located in South India. The production units are located in Krishnagiri District at Sendarapalli and Jagadevi.

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